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Presbyterate Ordination of Fr. Arnel V. Pagaduan, SMM and Diaconate Ordination of Rev. Federick B. Yumang, SMM and Rev. Gener C. Pito, SMM

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 8/12/2015 13:19:00
MAKATI CITY, Philippines – The Montfortian Family celebrated the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 2015 with the Presbyterate and Diaconate Ordinations held at Santa Teresita Parish, West Rembo, Makati City. One priest and two deacons have become the newest addition to the SMM Philippine Delegation. The newly ordained priest is Rev. Fr. Arnel V. Pagaduan, SMM from Cavite and the newly ordained deacons are Rev. Federick B. Yumang, SMM from Macabebe, Pampanga and Rev. Gener C. Pito, SMM from Burgos, La Union. Before the celebration started, the Montfortians gathered to pray the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. At exactly 9:00 in the morning, the celebration started. It was presided by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan together with SMM Priests headed by Rev. Fr. Paul Arnel L. Lucero and his council along with some guest priests as concelebrants, Rev. Romeo and Rev. Fr. Rene S. Bustillo, SMM as the Master of Ceremony. It was indeed a momentous moment for the Fr. Arnel, Rev. Federick and Rev. Gener for it was graced by the presence of their families, relatives and friends from the different parts of the country and even abroad. Archbishop Socrates Villegas reminded them that their role is valuable being the messengers, watchmen and stewards of the Lord. He motivated the people to take care of their priests and to pray for them. Before the celebration ended, the newly ordained priest and deacons gave their word of gratitude to the Lord and to all the people who have supported them in their journey. A splendid and joyful meal was served at the covered court. Everyone was happy, thanking the Lord for the gift of priest and deacons in the Church.
-Armel Collantes, SMM Scholastic

“Let us come together to Jesus in the presence of the Poor” The Feast of Santa Teresita in Makati

Published by Linda Igna in newsupdate · 3/10/2015 13:12:00
MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES - The Church\nin the Philippines has declared this year 2015 as Year of the Poor. This is\npart of the nine year novena in preparation for the 500 years anniversary of\nthe Christianization of the country in 2021. It was for this reason that the\ntheme of the parish celebration was: “Parokya ni Sta. Teresita, Halina’t\nSama-sama Tayo kay Hesus sa Piling ng mga Maralita.” (Parish of Sta. Teresita,\nLet us come together to Jesus in the presence of the Poor.) The Novena started\non September 25 and ended on October 3, 2015. Devotees filled the church for\nnine consecutive days with a firm belief that special graces can be obtained\nthrough the powerful intercession of the saint. It was led by Rev. Fr. Richard\nMagararu, SMM, the Parish Priest, and the members of the Apostleship of Prayer\nMinistry. SMM priests from different communities have taken turns in presiding\nthe daily Masses, with Fr. Richard Magararu, SMM and Fr. Angelo Pusikit, SMM\nconcelebrating. They were assisted by the deacon, Rev. Arnel Pagaduan, SMM. As\nagreed during the Parish Pastoral Council Meeting the intention for each\nNovena-Mass will be for different sectors of the parish experiencing various\nforms of poverty. Representatives from the different sectors were invited such\nas: a) single parents, widows/widowers; b) the sick and persons with\ndisabilities; c) the jobless; d) the below minimum wage earners, e) the out-of-school\nyouths; f) the families of detainees; g) the families of overseas Filipino\nworkers; h) the vendors; and i) the domestic helpers. Representatives of each\nsector gave their testimonies after the Homily. They shared about their day to\nday life situations and hardships, and how they survived through their firm\nbelief that God hears the cry of the poor and helps those who pray unceasingly.\nOne of the highlights of the festivities was the procession held after the last\nday of the Novena. This year the procession was held at four o’clock in the\nafternoon. Since it was still bright, the people can clearly see the different\ncontingents honoring our patron saint with dances. It is called “Caracol.” It\nwas more festive and livelier this year because the participants from different\nreligious organizations wore colourful and attractive Filipino attires\naccording to their assigned dance group. They danced along the streets to the\nmusic of vibrant Filipino songs played by the Brass Band. It was a joyful event\nand was well received by the participants and the parishioners as well. After\nthe procession, a Mass was celebrated by Fr. Norwyn Baydo, SMM. On the feast\nday, the following day, October 4, 2015, a concelebrated Mass was presided by\nMost Rev. Broderick S. Pabillo, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Manila together with\nRev. Fr. Richard Magararu, SMM, Rev. Fr. Angelo Pusikit, SMM, and the priests\nfrom the different SMM communities. His homily was so meaningful and touching.\nIt was centered on marriage and family life. He talked about the parents of St.\nTherese who will be canonized as saints on October 18, 2015. Their examples are\ninspirations for couples who are facing challenges in keeping harmony in their\nfamilies. Right after the Fiesta Mass, a Family Day was held at the Barangay\nCovered Court facilitated by the Couples for Christ. The different religious\norganizations prepared some common Filipino games. It was a fun filled event\nespecially to the winners who went home with their prizes. HAPPY FEAST DAY\nSAINT THERESE…VIVA SANTA TERESITA!!!!
-Linda Igna

Culmination of the Preparation for Perpetual Profession of Bro. Federick Yumang, SMM and Bro. Gener Pito, SMM

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 22/9/2015 13:09:00
QUEZON CITY, Philippines - After seriously giving themselves to the 3-months Preparation for Perpetual Profession program, our two brothers, Bro. Federick B. Yumang, SMM and Bro. Gener C. Pito, SMM are now getting ready for perpetual profession of vows. As its culmination activity, our two brothers have once again consecrated themselves totally to Jesus through the hands of Mary, our Blessed Mother. It was held on September 22, 2015 at the Chapel of the Delegation House. The Scholastics, Novices and the Collegians gave their all-out support as they took part in the readings and hymns. The liturgy was presided by Rev. Fr. Paul Arnel Lucero, SMM, Delegation Superior, with Rev. Fr. Mario Belotti, SMM as homilist, Rev. Fr. Rene Bustillo, SMM, Rev. Fr. Sherwin Nuñez, SMM and Rev. Fr. Benjie Notarte, SMM. In his homily, Fr. Mario, gave an emphasis on Love that has to be deeply rooted in their lives as they commit themselves totally to Jesus through Mary, - A love that transcends and ignites us to be steadfast in our religious Montfortian life. After the grace-filled Liturgy of Consecration, the whole community had a simple yet joyful dinner. Bro. Federick and Bro. Gener gave their word of thanks to the facilitators of their PPP Program. It ended with a community singing of “I Thank My God”, as we also pray for the safe travel of Fr. Mario and Fr. Paul Arnel to Italy in the next few days. It was truly a joyful gathering as one Montfortian Family that is worth to be treasured, thanking the Lord for the gift of vocation to religious life.
-Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM

A Day of Recollection with the Gift of Nature

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 12/9/2015 13:07:00
The Scholasticate, Novitiate, Postulancy and Collegians Communities gathered together for a recollection, reflecting on the encyclical letter of His Holiness Pope Francis, “Laudato Si Mi Signore”, about the urgent call for the care and protection of our Mother Earth. It was held on September 12, 2015 at the Montfort House of Prayer (formerly SMM International Novitiate House), Purok 5, Paradise 3, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. The recollection started with a Eucharistic Celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Paul Arnel L. Lucero, SMM, Delegation Superior with other SMM Priests, Rev. Fr. Ariel E. Aquino, SMM; Rev. Fr. Norwyn V. Baydo, SMM and Rev. Fr. Melvin A. Ordañez, SMM. In his homily, Fr. Paul Arnel motivated all of us with our bold response in taking care of God’s creation, being the stewards. The highlight of the activity was the TreePlanting at the garden and the group sharing afterwards. The day ended with a community prayer, The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the chapel. It was indeed a fruitful and meaningful recollection for all of us, bringing in us the realizations and challenges as God’s stewards of His creation.
 -Bro. Armel Collantes, SMM

First Religious Profession of Brothers Damian, Armel, Bernard and Innocent

Published by Bro. Innocent Ignatius, Mwanoka, nSMM in newsupdate · 1/8/2015 13:04:00
QUEZON CITY, Philippines - After one full year of novitiate process, we have finally made our Religious Profession, on Saturday, August 01, 2015. Indeed, this was the appointed day of our first formal and public ‘yes’ to our covenantal union with Eternal Wisdom through Our Blessed Mother, in the footsteps and likeness of the poor Apostles and Father de Montfort, in the spirit of religious poverty, chastity and obedience. The function took place at 4:00 pm, at the Montfort Centre of Spirituality, in South Triangle, Quezon City. It was presided over by Fr Yoseph Putra Dwi Darma Watun, Assistant General, together with a considerable number of concelebrants including Fr Mario Belotti, our Novice Master, many confreres of the Philippine Delegation, and Fr Paul Mashonga of the Anglophone Delegation. The one-year-long novitiate journey, has been a grace-filled landmark of our holistic growth. The process has helped each of us to know our unique selves and to respond to our call to serve the world in the spirit of the Montfortian charism and spirituality. It now leaves us serene and peaceful like sheep, yet bold like lions to move into the world and care for all, especially the poor and the suffering. We sincerely thank the Lord, through Our Blessed Mother, for calling and molding us in His own likeness by means of the novitiate process. Indeed, God has blessed us as we echoed Mary’s sweetest song of praise, the “Magnificat”. As a Chichewa saying goes, sikadza kokha kaopa kulaula (literally, “it just does not come by itself for fear of surprising you”), endless is the list of the people who have labored selflessly and passionately towards the actualization of this spiritual growth. In a special manner, we recognize and honor the love and services of our Novice Master Fr Mario Belotti, his Assistant Fr Sherwin Nuñez, Fr Paul Mashonga, our respective Superior Delegates, Fr Louis Nkukumila and Fr Paul Lucero, and their council members, the Daughters of Wisdom and all the members of the Montfortian family, in a special way Ana Marie Fondevilla (president of Friends of Wisdom and coordinator of the “Totus Tuus” journey in the Philippines), the “Exodus” facilitators, all the brothers, sisters and friends we have met on various occasions and places. Finally, a very special thanks goes to our respective families. “Glory to Jesus in Mary! Glory to Mary in Jesus! Glory to God alone!” (TD 265).
 -Bro. Innocent Mwanoka, SMM

Montfortian Consecration of TTJ (Totus Tuus Journey) Batch 2 of Santa Teresita Parish

Published by Michelle Flores in newsupdate · 8/7/2015 12:59:00
“Mary is the safest, easiest, shortest and most perfect way of approaching Jesus.” -St. Louis Marie de Montfort

MAKATI CITY, Philippines - In this year of the Tercentenary of the death of St. Louis de Montfort, the Santa Teresita parish launched the second Totus Tuus Journey on July 8, 2015. There were about 39 participants who attended and they were welcomed by members of the first batch. Totus Tuus Journey is a preparation for a total consecration to Jesus through Mary based on the spiritual approach of St. Louis Marie de Montfort. It is a 33-days journey of spiritual renewal to attain a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through Mama Mary. The journey consists of four periods, namely: Knowledge of the World, Knowledge of Self, Knowledge of Mary and the last is Knowledge of Jesus. The participants were accompanied through inputs and were given guides for personal prayers and reflections. An evening recollection was held at the end of the 33-days. Holy hour and Sacrament of Reconciliation were celebrated as part of the preparation for the big day. The pinnacle of the journey was the day of Consecration. It was held on August 15, 2015, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. The Rites of Consecration was integrated in the mass presided by Fr. Richard Magararu, SMM with Fr. Angelo Pusikit, SMM as concelebrant. Rev. Arnel Pagaduan, SMM also assisted in the celebration. The first part which is the Allegiance to the Word of God was done at the side of the Church. The second part which is the Renewal of Baptismal Promises was done at the center aisle of the Church as the group entered in procession. The Act of Consecration and the signing of the Covenant of Love were done towards the end of the Mass. Breakfast was then served at the multi-purpose hall of the parish. It was indeed a meaningful journey towards a committed Christian life and the most challenging part is about to begin in the life of the 39 participants.
 -Michelle Flores 

Philippine Delegation Protecting Children and Vulnerable adults

Published by Bro. Fed, SMM in newsupdate · 24/5/2015 12:56:00
New Manila - “I Commit!”. These are the words written on the stone we received during the closing liturgy of our workshop last May 24, 2015 as a symbol of our commitment for the protection of children and of vulnerable adults. This stone will be a constant reminder of the decision we took both as individuals and as a Delegation of the Montfort Missionaries in the Philippines. It will also remind us of the “grace-filled’ days we experienced as we listened, shared, worked, reflected and prayed together as one family. At the beginning of the four-day workshop on May 21, 2015 Fr. Paul Arnel Lucero, SMM, the Delegation Superior, welcomed and thanked the perpetually professed members, the scholastics and the novices. He also expressed the Delegation’s gratitude to the workshop animators and in a particular way the US Province for their assistence and support. The workshop was animated by Dr. Monica Applewhite, PhD together with Fr. Luigi Gritti, SMM, General Assistant and Fr. Tom Poth, SMM. We reflected on the gravity of the problem of child sexual abuse, its effect on the victims and on the church. We looked into the sad reality of sexual offenders, especially the clergy, and discussed about means of care and prevention. A final session of the workshop dwelt on intimacy, relationships and the need for accountability in community living. On the third day Fr. Luigi presented to us the Minimum Standards of the Congregation and afterwards we worked on some parts of the delegation’s policy. The last day was a day of recollection and of prayer. It started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided over by Fr. Luigi, with Fr. Tom delivering the homily. Among other things Fr. Tom emphasised the need for each one of us to be always rooted in Christ and so be able to challenge every culture by promoting the “culture of the Gospel”. The workshop culminated with an individual and collective commitment. Following the example of Jesus who showed his concern and love for the children and said “let the children come to me” (Lk 18:16) and accepting the challenge of Pope Francis during his visit to the Philippines last January when he said “We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected”, our response should be one of a serious and constant commitment towards protecting the children and all vulnerable adults. May Mary our Mother continue to intercede for us and may our founder St. Louis-Marie de Montfort continue to inspire us to be zealous in bringing the reign of Jesus through Mary for the glory of GOD ALONE!
-Bro. Federick B. Yumang, SMM Scholastic

Totus Tuus Journey (Batch 13) Recollection and Consecration Paved a Precious Bridge to Jesus

Published by Bro. Nestor F. Lagnason in newsupdate · 25/4/2015 12:54:00
 “Drew me out of the pit of destruction, out of the mud of the swamp, set my feet upon rock, steadied my steps.” Psalms 40:3

Cebu, Philippines - On April 25, 2015, Fr. Paul Arnel Lucero, SMM, (Delegation Superior) and Fr. Norwyn Baydo, SMM welcomed the members of Totus Tuus Journey, Batch 13 (Cebu) to an overnight recollection at St. Francis Seraph Retreat House at Maghaway, Talisay City, Cebu. All the participants came with grateful hearts for the tremendous blessings that God bestowed upon them. At the start of the recollection animated by Fr. Paul, there was an innocent yet interesting query from one of the participants. He was asking, “When the seminar is over, is it already enough? Is our 33 day journey enough? The answer is No, but rather it is just the beginning of a challenging and fulfilling journey where relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are strengthened, respect for each other is established and characters are molded. From this point onward, there is no turning back. God’s grace will remain and we will come out renewed and victorious in our faith. After the talk of our facilitator (Talk 1-4) the recollection was concluded with personal reflection. Later, a Holy Mass was celebrated and presided by Fr. Dodong at 6 PM. In the homily he shared the acronym LIGHT: L-eads others to the right path, through service, simplicity and humility; I-nspire others through words and deeds; G-oes out of his/her way for the welfare of others; H-ears God through prayer and hears people with his/her heart and T-eaches others by his/her example of life. Certainly, this acronym would serve as a guide to every Catholic on how to be a light for others. At 8 PM, the TTJers participated in the adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament followed by confession. To start off our second day, we prayed the Holy Rosary at 6:30 AM then a talk on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. At 8 AM, we proceeded to Montfort Mission House for the Holy Mass and Consecration. At the Montfort Mission House, friends, relatives, members of the family and people attending the Holy Mass had witnessed our consecration. Our consecration comprised of our allegiance to the Word of God. Each one of us firmly believes in the Holy Scripture and in the incarnate word, Jesus Christ. It was then followed by a second part wherein we renewed the vows of baptism and promised that we renounce Satan forever, and thereby share entirely our renewed life in Christ. The third part is the consecration and covenant of love. In his homily, he stresses and emphasizes the 7 capital sins which are pride, anger, lust, envy, gluttony, avaricious (greed) and sloth. Altogether the TTJers with Fr. Dodong participated in the consecration of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our consecration represents one of our successes. It was made possible through the Almighty who showers us many blessings, who inspires us to achieve our goal and guide us throughout. The conclusion of the consecration does not mean to bid farewell to our friends but say hello to a new life. We must not stop praying and be unafraid of the future. A wonderful journey to us TTJers Batch 13!

 - Bro. Nestor F. Lagnason

Sharing in the Montfortian Pilgrimage to Ilocos

Published by Bro. Innocent Ignatius, Mwanoka, nSMM in newsupdate · 1/4/2015 12:49:00
Ilocos, Philippines- As we remain\nopen and alive to our formation, in the footsteps of Father de Montfort, more\nopportunities favorable to this objective keep on unfolding. Recently, from 6th\n- 8 th March, we joined the Filipino Montfort Lay Associates in their 19th\npilgrimage to the northern part of the country, in Ilocos. This trip was well\norganized by the lay people themselves, in collaboration with some of our\nMontfortian confreres involved in the ministry of Marian Spirituality. The\npurpose of the pilgrimage was to inspire our daily commitment to live the\ngospel from our hearts as well as to pray for peace in the world. There, in\nIlocos, we visited at least seven religious sites, mostly churches that were\nfounded way back in the 16th century. Their structures and external appearance\nseem to narrate well history, despite undergoing some mild renovations through\nthe centuries. We also managed to visit other historical places like the old\nVigan city, one of the seven wonder cities of the world. In all these places\nand in the course of two days we tried to give meaning to the whole experience,\nas one family, through the traditional Montfortian prayers, the way of the\ncross, reflecting on the inspiring stories behind some of the churches. And, of\ncourse, the interaction among the pilgrims was very enriching too. Cementing\neverything was the holy Eucharistic celebration, on Monday morning, before our\ndeparture back to Manila. On our part, as novices, sharing in this experience\nhas given us an extra mile as far as discerning the will of God in our hearts\nis concerned. Though we seemed physically exhausted, after the long trip back\nhome, we felt spiritually refreshed and our missionary zeal was inflamed. Seen\nin the context of the Lenten season, the whole experience appeared to have\nengraved in everyone’s heart the reminder of our day to day’s journey toward\nJesus living in Mary.

-Bro. Innocent Ignatius\nMwanoka, nSMM

Sacerdotal Ordination of Rev. Benjie Notarte, SMM

Published by Bro. Eugene Escario, SMM in newsupdate · 25/3/2015 12:44:00
Makati, Philippines – On the 25th March 2015, the Montfortians joined the universal church in celebrating the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. Two momentous events took place on this special day. First and foremost this is the day, we Montfortians, renew our baptismal promises to God. Second, we celebrate with great joy as we thank God for the blessing of a new priest in the person of Rev. Benjie A. Notarte, SMM. The celebration took place at Sta. Teresita Parish, West Rembo, Makati City. The Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan His Excellency Socrates Villegas, D.D. presided the ordination. The Montfortian priests and some invited priests from the home parish of Fr. Benjie and from Kenya concelebrated with him. Rev. Arnel Pagaduan, SMM served as the deacon and Fr. Rene Bustillo, SMM was the Master of the Ceremony. It was a heartfelt moment for Fr. Benjie, seeing his family and friends from the different parts of the country present during the celebration to show their full support for him. He has truly touched the lives of the people and his presence left a special mark in their hearts. During the Mass Fr. Benjie was asked by Archbishop Villegas if he will remain faithful in face of many challenges a priest may encounter in his life by saying the very strong words “Kaya mo ba?” (Can you do it?). At the end of his homily, the Archbishop added, “The answer is always ‘It is not certain but you must rely on the grace of God.’” Lastly, he challenged him with three things: to celebrate the Mass everyday even if he is alone, to pray always the Liturgy of the Hours, and to go to confession at least once a month. Fr. Benjie received his first obedience as formator of the aspirants.

-Bro. Eugene Escario, SMM

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