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                 The Company of Mary has no specific date of foundation because it took shape in a span of twenty two years. However, its beginning can be traced in 1705 when a brother committed himself to follow Fr. De Montfort in the mission in the countryside of Western France.  This event is believed to be the first step in the realization of the dream of St. Louis Marie de Montfort to have a small band of missionary priests under the banner of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The goal is primarily to teach catechism to the poor and to make Jesus and his Mother Mary loved.  There were only a handful of followers at the moment of the death of the founder and three of them namely, Fr. Rene Mulot, Fr. Adrien Vatel and Bro. Mathurin Rangeard remained faithful to his inspiration.  His early death left the three disciples confused but stayed together helping the Parish of St. Pompain.  After two years of studying and praying they were given opportunity to preach like Fr. De Montfort upon invitation of a parish priest. They tried and it turned very successful. From that time on there were a lot of invitations to preach parish missions. They were simply known to the people as missionaries inspired by Fr. De Montfort depended on Divine Providence.   They were supported by many parish priests and bishops until they were asked by Mother Louise of Jesus, the co-foundress with Fr. De Montfort of the Daughters of Wisdom to stay also at St. Laurent sur Sevre.  Although Fr. Rene Mulot was appointed the superior of the Daughters of Wisdom the priority was still the itinerant missions. More priests and brothers joined the band of missionaries and for many years slowly developed into what is known today the CONGREGATION OF THE MISSIONARIES OF THE COMPANY OF MARY.

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